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Life Is Art - Issue #003 -- News from the Louis Pohl Gallery
January 23, 2008
Kung Hee Fat Choy!

Intuitive Readings by Helen

11-3 pm Second Saturday, January 26th, at the Louis Pohl Gallery

For more information call (808) 226-4858

An intuitive reading helps individuals discover their potential for happiness, health and wealth. The reader uses her intuitive energies to offer suggestions to change and help find their own answers. Utilizing spiritual focus and intuition, the reader connects with their energetic essence to provide them with insights that will guide and inspire. The information can assist in guiding them to discover their own intuitive consciousness.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance that will help you discern how to proceed in areas of your life where natural guidance is temporarily blocked, then an intuitive reader will help open the path.

1) They may not ask a lot of questions. In fact, they may prefer you don't volunteer any information at all before the reading begins. This applies, when the reader uses cards, rocks, shells or doing a completely intuitive reading.

2) During the reading, they may ask if the information they are giving is on track or seek your confirmation. They may also ask if you want clarification. Simply understand the reader is the messenger.

3) The reader will exhibit true compassion but will not volunteer answers as much as offer questions for you to consider and suggestions for you to explore.

4) The reader will give you information to accept or to redirect your journey.

5) They may validate what you already intuitively know for yourself.


Call for an appointment: Cell phone (808) 226-4858


If you haven't already stopped by, a few days remain on our January Exhibition featuring Eric Kamakahia'ai Chandler, along with Martin Charlot, Penny Taylor-Beardow, and Takeo

Exhibition runs through January 26, 2008.

February is around the corner with lots to look forward to...

so here's a glimpse of next month's happenings at the Gallery!

And remember, best First Friday Parking is at the Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street, behind Pali Long's!

With warmest aloha and best wishes for the new year!

Louis Pohl Gallery

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