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Life Is Art - Issue #076 -- News from the Louis Pohl Gallery
May 01, 2016

Al Lagunero - NANA

It’s been at least 4 years since Al Lagunero had a new show in our gallery.

“Nana” means “to look”, and the looking is a surveillance inside and outside of one’s self. He pulled and focused his thoughts on the messages from Spirit. Each piece has more meaning and thought than even he had invited.

Al's works are worth the visit to the gallery in the month of May and a visit on first Friday. I hope that you will come in to visit with him and get an understanding of his most spiritual works.

Enjoy the moment, that's all we have.


Best First Friday parking is at Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street behind Pali Long's.

For more information, contact the Louis Pohl Gallery
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