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Life Is Art - Issue #085 -- News from the Louis Pohl Gallery
March 24, 2017

Anne Irons shows her artwork at the Louis Pohl Gallery

I am so excited that on Saturday, Anne Irons is dropping off her artwork for a show in the gallery. She has always been one of my favorite artist. Other than one group show with 20 different artists, I have never had the courage to ask her if I could showcase her art.

I was so nervous at first. Now, I am really proud. I hope you will come to see the art. Better yet come to our First Friday, April 7th, 6:30-8:30 to meet Anne Irons. You will like her and you too will be amazed by the variety in watercolor, acrylic and printmaking. She loves the process of creating, capturing what she sees and feels that becomes provocative and thought-provoking art.

I hope to see you soon! Whatever the case have a really good month and appreciate the blessings that come into your daily life.


Best First Friday parking is at Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street behind Pali Long's.

For more information, contact the Louis Pohl Gallery
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