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Life Is Art - Issue #087 -- News from the Louis Pohl Gallery
April 12, 2017

It's Really Nice reprinted after 57 years

Louis always felt that one of his greatest achievements as an artist was writing and illustrating the children's book, " It's Really Nice!"

In 1960 the book was so popular that 10,000 copies sold out within 8 months across the country. Over the decades, people have asked for this book. Maile Meyer took up the challenge and reprinted the book that is now available at her Native Books/NaMea Hawaii and at the Louis Pohl Gallery for $12. Plus we both printed "It's Really Nice!" note cards.

The poem and illustratrations in the book reminds us to appreciate the simple things. It's often noticing little things that make us realize all the blessings that come into our daily life. These ordinary things seem so extraordinary and memorable and they makes us feel good.

Have fun this week.


Best First Friday parking is at Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street behind Pali Long's.

For more information, contact the Louis Pohl Gallery
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