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What's Up - ART Happenings at LPG and DAC
April 28, 2020

What's Up... Art Happenings May

In January 2020, who knew our lives would change so drastically. With all that is going on and the uncertainty of our world, now is the time to exercise our creativity, make art for art’s sake and be part of something more than ourselves!

We are in this together, so let’s play, think kindness, then share your creativity with everyone you know.

BE inspired is our new theme whenever we are allowed to reopen.

Our first big collaboration is simple, but powerful. Join us, by starting with a dot... a fun art project. We are creating community murals for Honolulu’s International Dot Day celebration for all ages on or about September 15, 2020.

•Start with a 3-inch circle on cardstock paper. •On side one, create intricate, crazy, awe-inspiring, or simple art or design •On side two, respond to the question, “How would you offer kindness?” Write a simple positive and encouraging message for yourself or someone else. We need to laugh more, quit being so negative in life…- Have a great day and celebrate being alive!

Whatever you do -- be ART-rageous, and have fun being artful -- Life is Art.


Best First Friday parking is at Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street behind Pali Long's.

For more information, contact the Louis Pohl Gallery
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