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What's Up - Issue #008-- News from the Louis Pohl Gallery
July 26, 2019

August What's Happening First FridayChinatown/Downtown

We are now hosting the Louis Pohl Gallery and the Downtown Art Center's News. Both places will participate in First Friday. Worth a trip to go to 2 artists openings-- they are only 1-1/2 blocks from each other.

At the Downtown Art Center we have Interpretations of Color: Frances Hill, Jerry Mayfield, Deborah Pacheco, Paula Rath and Arlene Woo.

At the Louis Pohl Gallery, We have Tanpopo Wishes, ceramics byTaryn Yamane, Holly Oyadomari and Ken Kang.

Check out what's happening in the arts district.


Best First Friday parking is at Kukui Plaza, entrance on Kukui Street behind Pali Long's.

For more information, contact the Louis Pohl Gallery
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