Eric Kamakahia'ai Chandler...
Songs of the Universe Put to Watercolor

The blueprint of artist designer Eric Eugene Kamakahia’ai Chandler was mapped by his experience growing up in what was thought to be the perfect American family in the midst of a Japanese garden. This upbringing was the basis of his curiosity and profoundly influenced his appreciation of nature. His move to University of Hawaii’s Hilo campus, as a young man, education in Japan and extensive world travel furthered his spiritual growth, sense of aesthetics and added to his truth of the interconnectedness of our globe.

Chandler says that “The Universe sings and we as artists must listen to the magic of the song and embrace our very soul, orchestrated by the joy of loving.” Color becomes a symbol of power, shading becomes the instrument of refinement, and intensity becomes painted words to explain the depth of his emotions. The brush becomes the voice that speaks clearly about the need for truth. The result of confidence and the brave application of watercolor on paper is poetry.

"Mooncakes 1"

"Mooncakes 2"

"Mooncakes 3"