First Friday
The Original Gallery Walk

First Friday. It might be the closest thing to trick-or-treat for Hawaii's art lovers and folks looking for a taste of the growing downtown nightlife! Going back to 2003, this monthly event has become an ongoing event for this close-knit group of merchants in that transitional zone between downtown Honolulu and Chinatown.

The monthly attraction that draws scores of tourists and residents alike offers a unique combination of atmosphere and vendors that cannot be experienced anywhere else in Hawaii and, probably, the world. Here, in this little neighborhood, is clustered a new breed of progressive art galleries, historic buildings, and cultural entities which have blossomed in what used to be one of the “seedy” sides of town.

The Louis Pohl Gallery on Bethel St. is somewhat in the epicenter of what's been simply termed the “First Friday Gallery Walk”, an evening in which many of the galleries open new exhibits, extend their hours of operation into the evening, and often treat visitors to special sales and hospitality!

Within a few blocks, one can visit different galleries and shops as well as wine and dine at some of the most popular eateries and after-hours hangouts in town!First Friday in Honolulu is the definitely a place to be every month as the attractions and activities promise something different every month. So popular has the event become that the neighborhood has steped up to the plate with another similar event none other than Second Saturday!

Contact the Louis Pohl Gallery for information on the next upcoming First Friday Honolulu Gallery Walk.

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