Hawaii Artists
In Residence

Louis Pohl was always about Hawaii artists. Through his own outstanding works, teaching, and mentoring those who shared his love for art, Louis contributed greatly to the development and promotion of fine art in Hawaii. Today, through its unique operational style, the Louis Pohl Gallery continues to elicit that sense of connectedness between artist and viewer that Louis was able to bring about.

Louis Pohl's enthusiasm for the growth of Hawaii artists and their craft is continued today at the gallery through its Artists In Residence concept.


The collaborating- or resident-artist concept under which the Louis Pohl Gallery operates is probably a key factor in its ability to touch its visitors. Carefully selected artists comprise the gallery's primary source of exhibiting artists while also participating in its day to day operations creating a dynamic and synergistic work environment which visitors seem to pick up on very quickly.

The resident artists at the Louis Pohl Gallery are representative of the wide cross-section of talent and interpretative styles which characterize Hawaii artists and each brings to the gallery a unique vision of his or her own experience fused with the aura of the islands.

The simplicity and directness that were hallmarks of Louis Pohl's artistic sensibilities are also a common thread among these individuals whose works are the mainstay of the gallery's exhibitions.

Stop in at the Louis Pohl Gallery if nothing more than to "talk story". You'll enjoy getting to know the persons behind the works you see. It's a wonderful way to appreciate art.

Linda Bachrach or visit her own website at: LindaBachrach.com

John Bade

Janice Brown

Hans Loffel or visit his website at: hansloffel.com

Lauren Okano or visit her own website at: laurenokanoart.com

Paula Rath or visit her website at: paularath.com or

Arlene Woo or visit her website at: arlenewoo.blogspot.com or cfai.co/arlenewoo.com

Yukio Ozakio

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