Louis Pohl Gallery Archives

The history of the Louis Pohl Gallery is intertwined with the exciting history of the surrounding neighborhood including the very building in which it is housed. Built in 1888, the building housing the Louis Pohl Gallery had its own claim on Hawaii history having served as the home for the well-known Bill Lederer's Bar.

History continues to be made today as this entire neighborhood, a transitional zone between the city's Chinatown and Downtown districts, continues to undergo a resurgence of activity and tenants, particularly those associated with the arts. Where once were old and dilapidated shops and bars marking a downright seedy part of town is now a mini-district of exciting galleries, shops, retaurants and entertainment facilities that have turned the area into a destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Amidst the growth in this part of town is also a sense of community between those who have chosen the area to operate their businesses. A strong sense of camaraderie, if not readily apparent in their daily interactions, is strongly evident in their common support of two special days bound to become long-standing neighborhood traditions.

First Friday, and Second Saturday mark the corresponding days of each month where this community extends its hours of operation into the evening and comes alive with special events, sales, and other activities to make it an art-lovers' place to be!

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