Picture Framing

Picture framing, be it a painted piece or photograph, is an art in itself and greatly enhances both the aesthetic and economic value of a particular art piece. In addition to the actual frame itself, the art of framing incorporates the use of matting and backing materials to complement the piece and to assure its longevity.

Including an infinite variety of materials and colors, both frames and matting can contribute to the success of a piece's “fit” into its surrounding environment allowing the piece to be an essential component in an overall decorating scheme.

Careful selection of materials such as high-quality acid-free boards and mats, ragboards, acid-free hinges, and other non-deteriorating and non-staining materials is paramount if the piece is to maintain its original integrity and longevity.

All framing services provided by the Louis Pohl Gallery are done here at the gallery in accordance to the industry's best standards. Whether your piece is your child's first painting or a famous artist's original, we can frame it for optimum presentation.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and to learn about the many different framing options that are available for your special piece.

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