Louis Pohl
Author & Illustrator

Louis Pohl’s world view is best exemplified in his book, “It’s Really Nice!” As a sickly young child, he sketched the ordinary, and found interest in everyday forms.

Everything in nature was a curiosity with value in its complexity. Louis interpreted what he saw from this belief system. He shared his message through a sophisticated minimal style. He relied on his knowledge, memories, experiences, emotions, senses and reasoning to paint the many possibilities he saw throughout his life. To This day, people see his artwork and say, “It’s Really Nice!”

Louis also lived his dreams, believing in the possibilities everything seemed easy. As an artist, Louis did a cartoon series based on his experience as an elementary school art teacher; “School Daze,” ran in the daily local newspaper. He then had a burning desire to write and illustrate books for children. He took a writing class at the University to learn how.

The first week, he wrote a poem and the second week he illustrated the poem. The instructor was so taken by “It’s Really Nice!” that he sent the manuscript to his literary agent. The book was published by Little Brown and Company in 1961. He then became a successful full time artist and memorable part-time art teacher at the Honolulu Art Academy for the next 35 years.

The video below includes in its entirety, the pages comprising Louis Pohl's "It's Really Nice!"

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