From Fashion To Canvas

The artwork of Takeo, while quickly being noticed in Hawaii's in-the-know art circles, is quite new. However, for those in the world of high fashion in Hawaii and beyond, Takeo needs no introduction.

His art pieces being received with the same enthusiasm as that generated by his custom fashions, Takeo is proving in no uncertain terms that his gifts go well beyond his ability for dramatic and provocative fashion statements.

Born in Japan where the world of art and design are present in every aspect of life, Takeo spent a wonderful childhood. From a young child he remembers the brush connected to his small fingers as he practiced each brush stroke mastering the art of calligraphy.

A very keen cultural interest developed with inspiration of Kiichi Akabane and Hideo Yagisita. These award winning teachers and their kindness had a profound impact. The future held a series of awards and prompted a personal search for a perfect world. Takeo was to find his perfect world in a move to Hawaii that was the beginning of an impressive career as a celebrated designer and fine artist.

The Art of Takeo

"Snowstorm Coming"


"Tender Green"

"Red Peacock" (acrylic)