The Art of Tamara Moan

My painting work has always been informed by my other life passions - travel, hiking and the outdoors, reading and writing.

Those passions provide both subject matter and a means of interacting with subject matter, what I like to think of as a conversation that takes place at visual, verbal and emotional levels.

For many years, my painting focused on landscape. While my more recent work has moved into abstraction, it retains landscape and pleine aire art making as its inspiration.

I'm drawn to the natural world and the outdoor immediacy of weather, changing light, the shifting body of the sea, the power of land forms.

I understand human relationships and human spaces using essentially the same vocabulary: the changing climate of interactions, land forms translated into architecture, light as it moves through created spaces. What I try to put on paper or canvas is my response to my environment, creating a tangible object that represents my half of an exchange with that environment.

Making art is a priority for me at this stage of my life. It's an activity that helps me understand the world around me as well as a means for sharing my experiences with others.

"Measuring Up"

"Journey Beyond"

"In Times of War"

"The Solace of Everyday Objects: Clothespins"

"The Solace of Everyday Objects: Pin Cushion"

"The Solace of Everyday Objects: Scissors"

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