Yukio Ozaki - Vision and Process

I always enjoyed altering wheel thrown forms into more sculpturally expressive design. And particularly for the past 5 years I have been looking for an individual life or spirit in each work as a uniquely developed character through purposely experimented accident. Of course the life of high-fired ceramics is completed by the final firing. But any accident during the formation of a piece seems to give birth to a unique sense of spontaneous life hardly achieved through an artist’s planned design. The essence of that life to me is very similar to the one given by the firing which is beyond the hands-on control of an artist.

I find rather philosophical significance in the act of encouraging accident, accepting the changes generated by the energy beyond my own, and making choices to find an essence of a moment in the middle of transition among countless possibilities. Majority of viewers are not concerned with this value of process, but to me it became the most attractive element of creating an art work in ceramics and, probably, it will be true in any other medium of art.

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